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Bird Sightings (July 2011)
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31/07/11: A single Black-naped Oriole was seen at Suan Rot Fai on 30th July, presumably a returning migrant. - Dave Gandy.

17/07/11: On 13th July a total of 23 Spot-billed Pelicans were seen flying, in small groups, towards an evening roost at Tung Bang Jak, Petchaburi. A male Watercock was also seen in the area and colonies of all three species of Thai weavers were seen in abundance.

Highlights from Kaeng Krachan national park between 11th and 13th July included 2 Great Slaty Woodpeckers, 2 Black-and-red Broadbills and 1 female Streak-throated Woodpecker at Km 9; 1 male Eared Pitta, 1 Blue-winged Pitta, a pair of Banded Broadbills and a female Banded Kingfisher at stream 1; a Black-and-yellow Broadbill at stream 2; 4 Dusky Broadbills, 1 Banded Broadbill, 6 Silver-breasted Broadbills, 1 Banded Woodpecker and 3 Rufous Woodpeckers between streams 2 and 3; an Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher 200m beyond stream 3; 1 female Grey Peacock Pheasant and 2 chicks at Km 24; 1 male Kalij Pheasant and 1 male Blue Pitta at Km 25; 1 juvenile Blue Pitta at Km 26.5; 7 Ratchet-tailed Treepies, 4 Rufous Woodpeckers, 1 Bay Woodpecker, 1 Long-tailed Broadbill, 3 Rufous-browed Flycatchers, 15+ Pin-tailed Parrotfinches and a Crimson-winged Woodpecker at Km 27.5; 2 Bar-backed Partridges and a pair of Bamboo Woodpeckers at Panoen Tung.

The above sightings from Kaeng Krachan and Tung Bang Jak were made by Nick Upton and Neil Davidson.

10/07/11: An Ashy Woodpigeon was seen along the Mae Per trail, Doi Ang Kang on 9th July. Also at Doi Ang Kang, on the 8th, a juvenile Burmese Shrike was seen in farmland near Ban Koom; 2 Spot-throated Babblers were seen along the Ban Luang road on 8th.

2 male Spot-winged Grosbeaks were seen behind the geyser at Fang hot springs on the morning of 8th July.

Highlights at Doi Lang between the 5th and 8th July were 2 Lesser Rufous-headed Parrotbills, 5 Collared (White-hooded) Babblers, 20+ Grey-headed Parrotbills, a juvenile Chestnut-bellied Rock Thrush and a female Maroon Oriole a few hundred metres before the large concrete bridge; a Mountain Hawk Eagle, 50+ Grey-headed Parrotbills, 30+ Crested Finchbills, 1 Long-tailed Sibia and 2 Spot-breasted Parrotbills in open country uphill from the farmland on Doi Lang; 4 Red-faced Liocichlas, 1 male Large Niltava, 1 Spot-throated Babbler, 6 Lesser Shortwings, 1 juvenile Snowy-browed Flycatcher, 3 Pygmy Wren Babblers and a pair of Rusty-cheeked Scimtar Babblers along the top ridge.

Highlights at Doi Ang Kang on 4th and 5th July were a Green Cochoa, 5 White-necked Laughingthrushes, 1 White-gorgetted Flycatcher, 1 Lesser Cuckoo, 2 Red-faced Liocichlas, 1 Bay Woodpecker, 1 Lesser Shortwing and numerous Silver-eared Mesias all along the Km 21.5 trail; 1 male White-tailed Robin and 2 females were seen along the Ban Luang road; 1 male White-tailed Robin along the Mae Per trail; 1 male Spot-winged Grosbeak at the Chinese cemetary; 1 Giant Nuthatch and a Rusty-cheeked Scimitar Babbler at the army checkpoint at the top of the road to Fang.

Notable birds seen at Nam Nao from 1st to 3rd July included 1 female Bamboo Woodpecker, 3 Bar-backed Partridges, 1 Red-billed Scimitar Babbler and 2 Bay Woodpeckers on the loop trail; 1 male Bamboo Woodpecker, 3 Red-headed Trogons, 5 Red-billed Scimitar Babblers, 12+ Collared (White-hooded) Babblers and 1 Eyebrowed Wren Babbler along the river trail; 2 White-bellied Woodpeckers, 2 Great Slaty Woodpeckers, 3 Brown Prinias in dry woodland and a Collared Scops Owl in the campsite.

Slow birding at Khao Yai between 29th June and 1st July only produced 1 Orange-headed Thrush and a flock of 18 Brown Hornbills on the Khao Khieo road plus 1 Blue-eared Kingfisher behind HQ.

The above sightings from Khao Yai, Sakaerat, Nam Nao, Doi Ang Kang, Fang hot springs and Doi Lang were made by Nick Upton & Rob King.
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