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A big thank you to all the people who have allowed me to use their material to help provide information on birdwatching in Thailand and have given me advice whilst creating this website. Further contributions are always welcome; please contact me at
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Mike Greenfelder

Trevor Hardaker

Frank Hemmings

Dion Hobcroft

Doug Judell

Chaiyan Kasorndorkbua

Peter Kennerley

Banphot Kittikinglert

Suppalak Klabdee

Neil Lawton

Dominic Le Croissette

David Lewis

Petter Zahl Marki

Nial Moores

Suthin Niraphai

Albert Noorlander

Chukiat Nualsri

Patrick O'Donnell

Kevin O'Sheehan

Yoav Perlman

Srasri Phiromyothee

Mark Piazzi

Andrew J. Pierce

Daniel Raica

John Raven

Philip D. Round

Genie Silver

Hanno Stamm

Hans Stel

Anoop Sukumaran

Ike Suriwong

Johan Svensson

Stephen Totterman

Vincent van der Spek

John van der Woude

Jan Wilczur

Martin Williams

Stephen Wilson

1 Trip Report

1 Trip Report

1 Ornithological Paper

Bird Sightings , Photos , Information on forest fires

Several Photos

Numerous Photos

Several Photos

1 Photo

A number of photos

1 News Article, 2 Photos


1 Photo 

4 Trip Reports

1 Trip Report, 1 Article, Bird Sightings, News, Information on Yonok Wetlands project

5 Scientific Articles, 1 Article

A huge amount of information, maps, photos and suggestions, 1 Trip Report.

1 Scientific Paper

Numerous Photos, 21 Trip Reports

Ko Pha Ngan Bird List

Several Ornithological Papers

3 Trip Reports, Photos

1 Trip Report

Several Photos

1 Trip Report


1 Article

1 Article

1 Ornithological Paper

Numerous Photos

Numerous Photos

Bird Observations, Information on Chiang Dao rice paddies

5 Trip Reports

Several Photos, Lots of driving me around the sites near Bangkok.

1 Trip Report

1 Article

1 Trip Report

Photos, KSD checklist and advice.

2 Photos, 2 Scientific papers

1 Trip Report

1 Photo

1 Trip Report

2 Photos, Lots of support, patience and help with Thai scripts.

1 Trip Report

1 Scientific paper

3 Photos, Lots of invaluable advice.

1 Trip Report

Several Scientific Papers & Lots of Advice

Information supplied about possible sighting of White-eyed River Martin

2 Trip Reports

1 Photo

3 Photos

Bird sightings, information on wild bird trade and wildife abuse

Many Photos and bird sightings

1 Trip Report

Several Photos and 2 Trip Reports

1 Photo

Bird Art

1 Article

1 Photo

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