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Bird Sightings (April 2011)
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27/04/11: Highlights at Kaeng Krachan from 23-26th April included 1 Chestnut-winged Cuckoo, 2 Large Scimitar Babblers, 1 Great Eared Nightjar, 1 Chinese Sparrowhawk and 1 Blue-winged Pitta at Km 9; 2 Banded Broadbills, 1 male Banded Kingfisher, 2 male Blue Pittas, 1 Brown-chested Jungle Flycatcher, 4 Rusty-cheeked Hornbills and 2 Silver-breasted Broadbills between streams 2 and 3; 1 male Hooded Pitta at stream one.

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  At Km 26 there was 1 Red-bearded Bee-eater; 1 male Kalij Pheasant at Km 27; 1 Speckled Piculet, 2 Ratchet-tailed Treepies, 2 Black-and-buff Woodpeckers, 1 White-hooded Babbler, 1 Rufous-browed Flycatcher, 2 Great Hornbills, 2 Black-throated Laughingthrushes, 1 immature Rufous-bellied Eagle & 1 White-browed Piculet at Km 27.5; a pair of Long-tailed Broadbills and 3 Yellow-vented Green Pigeons at Panoen Tung; 1 male Banded Kingfisher at stream 3.

Also 1 Blue-winged Pitta at Ban Maka, 1 female Blue-breasted Quail on the road near Ban Maka and a flock of 35 Blue-throated Bee-eaters in farmland just outside Kaeng Krachan national park.

At Tung Bang Jak, on 25th April, 1 Black Bittern, 1 Cinnamon Bittern, 1 male Watercock & 6 breeding plumage Pheasant-tailed Jacanas were seen. Breeding colonies of Asian Golden, Streaked and Baya Weavers were found in abundance.
2 Black-headed Woodpeckers and 1 Blue-winged Pitta were seen at Khao Look Chang, Petchaburi, on 25th April.

The above sightings from Kaeng Krachan, Khao Look Chang and Tung Bang Jak were made by Nick Upton and Frank Dijkstra.

22/04/11: 4 Spot-billed Pelicans were seen on salt pans at Laem Pak Bia on 22nd April and a Large Hawk Cuckoo was seen at the King's Project. - Nick Upton.

The following migrant species were seen at Sri Nakorn Kuen Kan park in Samut Prakarn province on 21st April; 1 subadult Malayan Night Heron, 1 Black Bittern, 1 Chinese Pond Heron, 1 Ruddy Kingfisher, 1 Large Hawk Cuckoo, 1 Indian Cuckoo, 1 male & 2 female Eyebrowed Thrushes, 3 Asian Brown Flycatchers, 1 female Green-backed Flycatcher, 1 subadult male Mugimaki Flycatcher, 4 Forest Wagtails, 20+ Black-naped Orioles, 7 Dollarbirds, 1 leucogenis Ashy Drongo, a few Barn Swallows, 1 Crow-billed Drongo, 12+ Spangled (Hair-crested) Drongos, 1 Black Baza, 1 Black-capped Kingfisher. The following resident species were also of interest; 60+ Pink-necked Green Pigeons, 3 Stork-billed Kingfishers (6 more heard), 1 male Laced Woodpecker. - Nick Upton.

On 16-17th April migrants ringed at Laem Pak Bia included a Green-backed Flycatcher, Mugimaki Flycatcher and Orange-headed Thrush. - Philip D. Round.

Migrant species in Suan Rot Fai on 15th April included 7 Eyebrowed Thrushes, 2 Thick-billed Warblers, 1 Taiga (red-throated) Flycatcher and 2 Black-naped Orioles. - Dave Gandy.

14/04/11: A Hodgson's Hawk Cuckoo was photographed at Suan Rot Fai on 13th April. Other migrants seen included 2 Thick-billed Warblers, 3 Brown Shrikes and anumber of Black-naped Orioles. - Dave Gandy.

At Tung Bang Jak/Nong Pla Lai good numbers of nesting Baya, Asian Golden and Streaked Weavers were to be found on 11th April. Also of interest were 6 Pink-necked Green Pigeons and 1 Stork-billed Kingfisher.

Highlights at Kaeng Krachan on 10-11th April included a female Kalij Pheasant at Km 10; Chestnut-winged Cuckoo, 2 Banded Broadbills and Heart-spotted Woodpecker at Km12; 4 Rusty-cheeked Hornbills, 2 Black-and-yellow Broadbills, 1 Great Slaty Woodpecker, 2 Silver-breasted Broadbills and 1 Crimson-winged Woodpecker at Km 16; 1 Banded Broadbill at stream 2; 2 Ratchet-tailed Treepies and 2 Long-tailed Broadbills at Km 27; 4 White-hooded Babblers, 1 Great Hornbill, 1 White-browed Piculet and 1 Rufous-browed Flycatcher at Km 28.

3 Oriental Darters were seen at Bang Pra on 9th April.

The above sightings from Tung Bang Jak/Nong Pla Lai, Bang Pra and Kaeng Krachan were made by Nick Upton & Melinda Quiat.

2 Spoon-billed Sandpipers and a Little Stint were seen at Pak Thale on 9th April. - Dave Gandy.

Migrants at Suan Puttamonthon, on 8th April, were; 1 male Mugimaki Flycatcher, 5 Asian Brown Flycatchers, 2 Taiga (Red-throated) Flycatchers, 1 Yellow-browed Warbler, 2 Pale-legged Leaf Warblers, 3 Black Bitterns, 1 Asian Paradise Flycatcher, 1 subadult gibsonhilli Orange-headed Thrush and 1 Forest Wagtail. Also seen were 1 Indian Nightjar, 1 female Fulvous-breasted Woodpecker and 3 flocks of Small Minivets. - Nick Upton.

07/04/11: A good helping of migrants at Suan Rot Fai, on the 6th, included a male Mugimaki Flycatcher, 2 male Yellow-rumped Flycatchers, 2 Black Bazas, a male Blue-and-white Flycatcher, a hepatic morph Oriental Cuckoo,a Forest Wagtail and a Pale-legged Leaf Warbler. - Dave Gandy.

On 5th April photographs of a male Narcissus Flycatcher, from Suan Rot Fai, were posted on a webforum. - "Gomsaku".

On 4th April a male Narcissus Flycatcher was found at Suan Rot Fai along with 1 Forest Wagtail and 1 female yellow-rumped Flycatcher. - Dave Gandy & Graham Gordon.

On 3rd April "a couple" of Asian Dowitchers were seen at Khok Kham, Samut Sakorn. - Peter Ericsson.

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