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Bird Sightings (January 2009)
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23/01/09 : At Pak Thale on the 22nd January at least 4 Spoon-billed Sandpipers were seen as were a group of 5 Red-necked Phalaropes, 2 Red Knot and 1 Dunlin. On salt pans near Laem Pak Bia an adult Pallas's Gull was in the company of Brown-headed Gulls and at least 16 Nordmann's Greenshank were counted. On the sand spit, on the same date, 1 White-faced Plover was observed and 7 Malysian Plovers, 11 Great Crested Terns, 1 Lesser Crested Tern, 2 Caspian Terns, 2 Greater Sand Plovers, 2 Chinese Egrets, 1 Pacific Reef Egret, 1 first winter and 1 second winter Pallas's Gulls and 1 adult Heuglin's Gull were all present. At the abandoned building 5 Pied Avocets and 5 Red-necked Phalaropes were seen and in a nearby freshwater area 1 female Greater Painted Snipe was seen. In the King's Project area 17 Ruff were seen and a Manchurian Reed Warbler was showing well amongst the reed beds. - Nick Upton, Srasri Phiromyothee, Brian Cox and Claire Cox.

On 21st January a single Spoon-billed Sandpiper was seen at Pak Thale and a second winter Pallas's Gull was also present. On salt pans near Laem Pak Bia at least 21 Nordmann's Greenshank were roosting amongst a huge flock of mixed waders. Also on 21st 1 Great Crested Tern, 4 Lesser Crested Terns, 1 White-faced Plover, 1 Chinese Egret, 1 Pacific Reef Egret, 1 Spoon-billed Sandpiper and a number of Greater Sand Plovers and Malaysian Plovers were found on the sand spit. At the abandoned building 6 Pied Avocets and 3 Red-necked Phalaropes were seen. 7 Greater Painted Snipe were found at a nearby freshwater site. In the King's Project, Laem Pak Bia, 1 Baillon's Crake was found along with numerous Ruddy-breasted Crakes and 2 Slaty-breated Rails. - Nick Upton, Srasri Phiromyothee and Doug Kirwin.

18/01/09 : On 17th January 30+ Pink-necked Pigeons, 6 Small Minivets, an Arctic Warbler and an Asian Paradise Flycatcher were all seen at Suan Luang. - William Jones.

On 16th January a Coral-billed Ground Cuckoo was glimpsed along trail 6 (B) and as was a Blue Pitta. A group of Silver-breasted Broadbills were seen well. Another Blue Pitta was found along the trail at Km 33. A male Siamese Fireback Pheasant was briefly seen along trail 6 (B) on the 15th Januray and a pair of Red-headed Trogons were seen displaying to each other. At the Khao Khieo viewpoint a Grey Nightjar was found perched upon a flagpole and repeatedly observed catching moths around the guardhouse at about 7.30pm. The campsite stakeout had Puff-throated Babbler, Abbott's Babbler, Siberian Blue Robin, Orange-headed Thrush, Grey-headed Flycatcher, Radde's Warbler, Plain-tailed Warbler, Pale-legged Leaf Warbler, White-rumped Shama, Greater Racket-tailed Drongo and Blue Pitta all feeding together. On 14th January at the stakeout behind the campsite toilets, Khao Yai a Blue Pitta, Pale-legged Leaf Warbler, female Siberian Blue Robin, a pair of White-rumped Shamas and an Orange-headed Thrush were all showing well. No sign of Coral-billed Ground Cuckoo though. Another Blue Pitta was observed along the Pha Gluai Mai- Haew Suwat trail. - Nick Upton & John Plampin.

12/01/09 : A Grey-backed Shrike was observed in Lumphini Park, Bangkok on the 11th January 2009. Also present were 2 Ashy Drongos, Asian Brown Flycatcher and Brown-streaked Flycatcher. - William Jones.

A Large Hawk Cuckoo was seen at Phuttamonton Park on the 6th January 2009. - Michael Allen.

The following are some sightings that I received some time ago and haven't previosuly had time to put on the website:

On the 29th December a Short-toed Eagle was seen well, flying over a peach orchard at Doi Inthanon.

Doi Lang produced some good birds on the 23rd and 24th December 2008 with a Yellow-breasted Bunting with a party of Little Buntings, a Yellow-browed Tit and a Golden Bush Robin.

On 23rd December several Mountain Bamboo Partridges and a Little Cuckoo Dove were seen on the road up to Doi Pha Hom Pok. In the campsite c10 Red-flanked Bluetails, a Chestnut-bellied Rock Thrush, a male Daurian Redstart, a male Rufous-gorgetted Flycatcher and a female White-bellied Redstart were found on the same date.

On 22nd December a Black-tailed Crake was seen at Ban Luang Resort, Doi Ang Kang. On 21st December a male Daurian Redstart was seen at the Chinese Cemetary.

The above sightings from Doi Inthanon, Doi Lang, Doi Ang Kang and Doi Pha Hom Pok were kindly submitted by John Furse.

The feral Greater Flamingo was once again seen at Pak Thale on 20th December 2008. - Esa Keikka.

63 Grey-headed Lapwings were seen on just one flooded field along the Nakorn Sawan bypass on 11th December 2008.

On the 8th December 2008 a pair of Jerdon's Bushchats were seen near the water tower at Thatorn.

A visit to Chiang Saen on 3-5th December turned up 1 Black-necked Grebe daily on the lake along with 6 Great Cormorants. Ducks included a pair of Mallard, Wigeon, Teal, Pintail, Shoveler, Garganey, Ferruginous Duck and Tufted Duck, including several with white undertail coverts; no Baer's Pochard though. The Mekong held 1 Long-billed Plover, 10 River Lapwings and c1000 Small Pratincoles on 4th.

On Doi Lang between the dates of 29th Nov-Dec 3rd and Dec 6th-7th 2008 up to 12 Red-flanked Bluetails and 1-2 Woodcock were seen daily. 5-7 Ashy Woodpigeon were found on most days with singles of White-bellied Green Pigeon on December 2nd and 6th. 50 Speckled Woodpigeons were seen on the 7th December. On the 2nd 2 Spot-throated Babblers and 1 Spot-bellied Eagle Owl were seen, with another Spot-bellied Eagle Owl on the 1st. On the 30th November a female Scarlet Finch was observed and 2 Himalayan Griffon Vultures flew into Myanmar on the 29th November.

On 29th November 2008 4 Oriental Turtle Doves, 1 Rufous-winged Buzzard, 1 Slender-billed Oriole and 2 Slaty-backed Forktails were observed along the chekpoint road behind Malee's at Doi Chiang Dao.

At Den Ya Kat, Doi Chiang Dao a male Silver Pheasant, 15 Grey-headed Parakeets, a Blue Pitta, 2 Rufous-bellied Niltavas, 7 Giant Nuthatches and 8 White-necked Laughingthrushes were found on the 28th November 2008.

5 Oriental Skylarks, 10 Grey-headed Lapwings and 12 Wire-tailed Swallows were seen at Chiang Dao Rice Paddies on the 27th November 2008.

The above sightings from Chiang Dao, Chiang Saen, Thatorn, Nakorn Sawan and Doi Lang were kindly supplied by Neil Lawton.

A male Vivid Nitava was found on the trail near HQ, Khao Yai on 24th November 2008 as were Heart Spotted Woodpecker, 2 Long-tailed Broadbills, an Orange-breasted Trogon and a White-crowned Forktail. On the 23rd 3 White-throated Needletails and 7 Wreathed Hornbills were seen at the Khao Khieo viewpoint. A great Slaty Woodpecker was seen at the wildlife watchtower.

On 21st November 8 White-shouldered Starlings and a Great Crested Tern were seen from the ferry to Ko Samet.

The above sightings from Khao Yai and Ko Samet were kindly submitted by Daniel Jiminez.

09/01/09 : 2 Eared Pittas were seen on the Km 33 trail at Khao Yai on the 9th January and a Savanna Nightjar was observed at the helipad a little uphill from the park HQ. - Ralph Parkes.

On the 8th January notable birds included 1 Grey-headed Fish Eagle over the Tortip waterfall car park at Panoen Tung, Kaeng Krachan, an adult Rufous-bellied Eagle at Km 34 and a female Asian Emerald Cuckoo at Km 23. Interesting birds at the lower levels of Kaeng Krachan on 7th January included 1 Crimson Sunbird, 1 Orange-breasted Trogon, 2 Scaly-breasted Partridges, 1 Thick-billed Warbler, 1 Pale Blue Flycatcher, 1 Chinese Blue Flycatcher, 2 Wedge-tailed Pigeons and 1 Bay Woodpecker. - Nick Upton, Len Worthington, David Scott and James Thomson-Glover.

3 Grey Peacock Pheasants and 1 Silver Pheasant were seen at around Km 22-23, Kaeng Krachan on the 6th January. - John Pilgrim.

06/01/09 : 4 Spoon-billed Sandpipers and a Pallas's Gull were present at Pak Thale on 6th January. 43 Nordmann's Greenshank were counted at Laem Pak Bia and 7 Painted Storks flew overhead. At the "abandoned building", Laem Pak Bia, 9 Red-necked Phalaropes, 5 Asian Dowitchers, 5 Ruff and 1 Pied Avocet were in the pools and 1 Indian Nightjar as well as 5 White-shouldered Starlings were nearby. After a lot of searching, 1 White-faced Plover was found on the sand spit, Laem Pak Bia and 1 Spoon-billed Sandpiper was on the sand along with 4 Great Crested Terns and 6 Malaysian Plovers. 2 Chinese Egrets were in the area too. At the King's Project, Laem Pak Bia, over 200 White-shouldered Starlings were seen as well as 2 Indian Nightjars, 1 Baillon's Crake and 1 female Bluethroat. - Nick Upton, Len Worthington, David Scott and James Thomson-Glover.

05/01/09 : 1 Spoon-billed Sandpiper was found at Pak Thale after much searching on the 4th January. At nearby Laem Pak Bia 3 Asian Dowitchers, 17 Red-necked Phalaropes, 4 Pied Avocets, 1 Indian Nightjar and 7 White-shouldered Starlings were seen near the "abandoned building". 7 Greater Painted Snipe were seen in nearby pools and the reedbeds at the King's project held Ruddy-breasted Crake, White-breasted Waterhen, Common Moorhen and Slaty-breasted Rail. 28 Nordmann's Greenshank were roosting on pools along with a flock of more than 500 Great Knot; 5 Dunlin were also close by. On the sand spit, Laem Pak Bia a male and a female White-faced Plover were seen, 8 Great Crested Terns, Gull-billed Tern and 1 Chinese Egret was still present. - Nick Upton and Garvan O'Keefe.

A male and a female White-faced Plover were seen on the sand spit at Laem Pak Bia on the 3rd January and around 15 Pomarine Skuas could be seen far out to sea. - Phil Round.

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