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Bird Sightings (June 2008)
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30/06/08 : A Coppersmith Barbet was heard over the roar of traffic and seen on an overhead cable at the junction of Soi 31, Sukhumvit Road on 30th June. - Nick Upton.

Large numbers of Streaked, Asian Golden and Baya Weavers were present at Tung Bang Jak on 29th June. - Alex Vargas.

2 Streaked Weavers were seen at Muang Boran Fishponds as well as 8-9 Asian Golden Weavers on 25th June. - Attila Simay.

A Purple Cochoa was seen at KM 35, Doi Inthanon on the weekend of 21-22nd June. - Alex Vargas.

28/06/09 : As they don't seem to be appearing on the BCST website I reproduce in full Phil Round's summary of notable sightings from March to June 2008:

As before, all records submitted or gleaned from web pages are entered into the BCST Records Committee database. Only a selection of the more significant records are listed here, though we gratefully thank all those observers who submitted records..

There were 36 Oriental Darters including three nests at Wat Huai Jan (Lopburi) on 18 April, (SS) and 25 at Wang Nam Pet (Phitsanulok) on 8 June (MT). Nesting Darters were present at Ko Wat, Bung Boraphet (Nakhon Sawan) on 8 June (SS) and ones and twos reported from four other localities. There were 100 Spot-billed Pelicans at Bung Boraphet on 8 June (SS). Five Christmas Frigatebirds were reported off Ko Phi Phi (Krabi) on 25 March (CC). A Great-billed Heron was reported from a marsh near Phuket Airport on 23 April (IS) and when disturbed, flew ff towards some coastasl mangroves. A single Grey Heron was still present at Bung Boraphet on 8 June (SS). The spread of Javan Pond Herons continues with six breeding plumage birds at Kantang (Trang) on 8 April (SN, PDR) and two breeding adults and an apparent juvenile at Wang Nam Pet on 8 June MT).

Six breeding plumage Indian Pond Herons were reported from Minburi (Bangkok) and Bang Pu (Samut Prakan) to Laem Phak Bia (Phetchaburi) during 26 April to 10 May (PC, BK, KT, NU). Two Milky Storks at Khlong Tamru (Chonburi) on 23 April (SD, SN) appear to have been pure rather than hybrid individuals according to their underwing pattern.

Counts of over 20 White-browed Crakes and 80 Pheasant-tailed Jacanas (less than in the winter period) were made at Muang Boran Fishponds (Samut Prakan) on 24 May (NU). There were eleven Nordmann’s Greenshanks at Krabi River Mouth on 26 March (JB). 15 Grey-tailed Tattlers were reported during 26 March (Laem Pakarang, Phang-nga; CC) to 4 May (four at Laem Phak Bia; SK, SM et al.) An Eastern Curlew was seen at Ko Libong (Trang) on 6 April (PDR); 500 Asian Dowitchers on mudflats off Samut Sakhon on 21 April (SS) was the largest Inner Gulf count for a few years. Single Little Stints were reported at Laem Phak Bia on 23 March (NU), 30 April (BK) and on 4 May (SM et al.) 40-50 Ruffs were present in the Environmental Research and Development Project, Laem Phak Bia, on 19 March (NU).

A single River Tern at Chiang Saen (Chiang Rai) on 3 May (DD, MD) was the last recorded this season. Sooty Tern and “double figures of” Pomarine Jaegers were reported between Ko Lanta and Ko Lipe (Krabi) on 25 March (AA). A worn juvenile Long-tailed Jaeger was photographed on a pond at Khok Kham (Samut Sakhon) on 15 April (PK).There were still two White-winged Terns on Bung Boraphet on 8 June (SS).

Four sightings of 1–3 Pied Cuckoos were made at Bung Boraphet during 9 May to June (KI/BBWRS). Some were said to be calling which is remarkable. Is this former vagrant colonising, perhaps? A Ruddy Kingfisher (resident or migrant?) in mangroves at Pak Thale on 23 March (NU) is one of very few records for the Central Plains area.

There were migrant Blue-winged Pittas (one or more?) in parkland at Phutthamonthol on 14 to 20 April (RS, S?) and Hooded Pittas from14 to 24 April (RS, S? et al.). Presumed breeding Blue-winged and Hooded Pittas arrived on territory in the Chiang Saen Basin in mid-May (DD, MD) but a nest of Hooded Pittas in Khao Yai (Nakhon Ratchasima) had already fledged three young in the last week of May (XXX).

Among passerine passage migrants, there were Crow-billed Drongos at Ko Libong ( 6 and 7 April; PDR) and 26 April (Samut Sakhon; PK) a Tiger Shrike at Chiang Saen on 14 April (DD, MD); a Brown-chested Flycatcher netted and ringed in scrub at Bung Boraphet on 29 April (KI/BBWRS); eight Mugimaki Flycatchers (five males and three females or second calendar-year males) during 6–26 April from Loei, Udon, Nakhon Sawan, Samut Sakhon, Ko Samui and Trang (XXX, KI/BBWRSPB, SM, MT). A male nominate race Narcissus Flycatcher found dead on Wireless Road (Bangkok) on 9 April (XXX) was only the second or third record for the country. A male Green-backed Flycatcher was photographed at Ko Samui (Surat Thani) on 16 April (XXX). Nine Yellow-rumped Flycatchers during 6–24 April, from Loei, Udon Thani and Chaiyaphum in the N NE, south to Trang; (XXX, PB; SM; PDR, MT) included 5 males, 3 females and two that were unspecified.

A male White-tailed Rubythroat in roadside grasses at Doi Ang Khang on 2 April (PS) was the first record of this scarce and local winter visitor away from lowland reedbeds. A Manchurian Reed Warbler was seen at Muang Bran Fishponds on 19 April (NU). Remarkably, the Large-billed Reed Warbler which made history when first caught and banded at Laem Phak Bia on 27 March 2006 was retrapped at exactly the same site on 21 March 2008 (SN). Remarkably, a second bird was caught and banded at the Nam Kham Nature Reserve (Chiang Rai) on 27 March 2008 (WB, AK, PDR: see elsewhere this issue).

A male Cutia was seen on Doi Ang Khang on 2 April (PS) and Rufous-throated Fulvetta reported from Ph Suan Xai National Park (Loei) on 6 April (MT).

A Blyth’s Pipit (only the second Thai record) was reported from Khao Yai on 27 March(NU), and was supported by a written description. No fewer than 700 Citrine Wagtails were counted going to roost near Rimkhong (Chiang Saen) on 6 April (DD,MD).

Small colonies of up to 20 Asian Golden Weavers were reported from a number of sites during 8 March to 25 May, from Kong Krailas (Sukhothai); around Bangkok (Lat Krabang, Minburi, and Thung Khru-Bang Khunthien); Muang Boran Fishponds (Samut Prakan), Kamphaengsaen and Phutthamonthol (Nakhon Pathom), Mae Klong (Samut Songkhram) and Bang Jak (Phetchaburi) (XXX, NU, MT).

Streaked Weaver colonies were reported from near Muang Boran Fishponds, Bang Jaak and Had Chao Samran during 12 April–19 May (NU, SW)

Latest dates for winter visitors or passage migrants:

Chinese Egret 15 April, Laem Phak Bia (NU); Black-faced Spoonbill 13 May, Laem Phak Bia (SW), Chinese Sparrowhawk, Bang Phra, 5 June (NU); the last few roosting harriers at Chiang Saen departed in the first week of May (DD, MD).Grey-headed Lapwing, 26 April, Muang Boran Fishponds (NU); White-faced Plover, 6 April, Ko Libong, (SN, PDR); Nordmann’s Greenshank 21 April (two, Samut Sakhon, SS); Spoon-billed Sandpiper 1 April, one, Khok Kham (SD); Red-necked Phalarope 1 May, one, Laem Phak Bia (PC). White-tailed Rubythroat 3 April, Nam Kham (WB); Orange-flanked Bush Robin 26 March (Doi Inthanon; FG, MT); Chestnut Thrush 26 March, three, Doi Inthanon, (FG, MT); Oriental Reed Warbler 24 May, Samut Prakan, (NU), Baikal Bush Warbler 5 May, Nam Kham, (AJP), Black-faced Bunting 5 May; Chiang Saen (DD, MD), Yellow-breasted Bunting 3 May, six, Chiang Saen (DD, MD)

Breeding records: Chiang Saen Basin (DD, MD) Five pairs of Oriental Honey-buzzards thought to be breeding May (DD, MD). White-browed Crake nest-building on 14 April Barn Swallows were also said to now be breeding commonly in Chiang Saen town.

Contributors: Andy Adcock (AA), Philip Bawden (PB), Worapoj Boonkhwamdee (WB), Johan Buckens (JB), Chaiwat Chinuparawat (CC), Panuwat Chuenmano (PC), Suchart Daengphhayon (SD), Dowroong Damlamajak (DD), Mick Davies (MD), Frederic Le Gouis (FG), Kultida Itthiporn/ Bung Boraphet Wildlife Research Station (KI/BBS), Pornthep Katsura (PK), Boonrod Khieoyuu (BK), Suporn Kusolnamsanong (SK), Akaak Kunsorn (AK), Dr. Suwanna Mookachonpan (SM), Somchai Nimnuan (SN), Andrew J. Pierce (AJP), Philip Round (PDR), Pinit Saengkaew (PS), FRonayuth Sribanyaranond (RS), Ike Suriwong (IS), Smith Sutibut (SS), Marc Thibault (MT), Khemthong Tonsakulrungreung (KT), Nick Upton (NU), Stijn de Win (SW), Somchai, surname unknown (S?); Anonymous or pseudonymous web-board postings (XXX).

Records were also received from: Vorawan Aksornsart, Jarnpol Chaiwut, John Furse, Hathairat Jantowat, Phoori Kaensarn, Ekabutr Kanwanich, Wut Kiatwong, Petch Manopawitr, Yotin Meekaeo, Jaray Mekkaew, Sorasak Naak-Eim, Sirada Naipongsri , Dr. Mantanee Pairachavet, Somkiat Pakapinyo, Srasri Phiromyothee, Korakoch Pobprasert, Wuttipong Prapatsorn, Siriwit Sae-khow, Dr. Tommaso Savini, Jatuporn Sawasdee,. Pensri Srikeaw, Thunyalux Sunthoramat, Dr. Kaset Sutasha, Larry Wheatland.

Compiled on behalf of BCST Records Committee by Philip Round with assistance from Nick Upton (, Dr. Chaiyan Kasorndorkbua (Thai Raptor Group), Parinya Padungtin (

08/06/08 : 47 White-browed Crakes, 66 Pheasant-tailed Jacanas, 1 male Watercock, 9 Asian Golden Weavers and 91 Indian Cormorants were of interest at Muang Boran Fishponds on 7th June. Also seen were a single Oriental Reed Warbler and 1 Barn Swallow. - Nick Upton.

Barn Swallows were said to be common nesting birds in Chiang Saen and 6 Plain Martins were also seen during May. - Mick Davies & Dowroong Danlamajak.

2 White-tailed Rubythroats, 1 Large-billed Reed Warbler and a Paddyfield Warbler were caught whilst ringing near Chiang Saen in May. - Phil Round.

05/06/08 : Highlights of a brief trip to Bang Pra on the 5th were 5 Painted Storks and 1 Spot-billed Pelican (from the feral population originating from Khao Khieo Zoo), 1 immature Chinese Sparrowhawk, 2 Asian Barred Owlets and 2 pairs of Rufous Treepies feeding young. - Nick Upton, Gabby & Alex Vargas.

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