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Bird Sightings (March 2008)
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31/03/08 : A pair of Golden-bellied Gerygones were seen feeding 2 fledglings at Bang Poo on the 30th March. A pair of Chestnut Munias were also observed and the gull flock contained at least 4 Black-headed Gulls. - Nick Upton.

At Khao Yai on 27th March the White-throated Rock Thrush was still present at Pa Gluai Mai campsite and a Collared Owlet was seen consuming a lizard. At Mo Sing To a Blyth's Pipit was observed and heard calling.

Other interesting sights were a Great Hornbill being chased by a pair of Greater Racket-tailed Drongos at Pa Gluai Mai and a pair of Rufous Woodpeckers at Laem Ta Kong campsite.

The above sightings from Khao Yai were made by Nick Upton, Minoro Shimono, Satomi Kodama and Eriko Kodama.

11 Nordmann's Greenshank were seen at the Krabi estuary and a "White-faced Plover" was reported from Hat Nopparat Thara on 26th March. - Johan Buckens.

2 Great Cormorants were seen in the Chiang Saen area on the 12th March. - Mick Davies and Dowroong Danlamajak.

24/03/08 : 2 Black-faced Spoonbills were still present at Laem Pak Bia on the 23rd March. Also at the same location 1 Little Stint was in breeding plumage and an Oriental Skylark was singing.

Also at Laem Pak Bia 6 Nordmann's Greenshank were seen and 16 reported by another group.

On the sand spit, Laem Pak Bia, a "White-faced Plover" was seen and 2 Chinese Egrets were in breeding plumage - 1 dark morph Pacific Reef Egret was also present. 3 Lesser Crested Terns were roosting on the sandbar and larger numbers of Caspian and Great Crested were also resting.

At Pak Thale 6 Red-necked Phalaropes and a Ruddy Kingfisher were seen - just 1 Spoon-billed Sandpiper was reported by others and had disappeared by 9.30am. 1 Dunlin was also seen.

The above sightings from Laem Pak Bia and Pak Thale were made by Nick Upton and Andreas Egelund Christensen.

Crimson-breasted Woodpecker, Jerdon's Bushchat, Red-faced Liocichla and Crested Finchbill were all seen ona trip to Doi Lang on the 22nd March.

The above sightings from Doi Lang were taken from Tony Ball's Birdwatcher's Diary blog.

On 21st March a male Blue-and white Flycatcher was seen near the second stream at Kaeng Krachan. Nearby a Moustached Hawk Cuckoo was found and an Indian Cuckoo was feeding on insects. A Chinese Blue Flycatcher was in song close to the well-known Brown Hornbill nest site. Other interesting birds in the same area included 5 Dusky Broadbills, Drongo Cuckoo and several groups of Silver-breasted Broadbills.

On the dirt road out of the national park a group of 4 Grey-headed Lapwings were found and photographed and an Indian Cuckoo was found.

On 20th March at least 7 Forest Wagtails were seen in various places at Kaeng Krachan. Other interesting birds seen were Hainan Blue Flycatcher, Banded Broadbill, Drongo Cuckoo and 2 Violet Cuckoos.

On 19th March 1 Indian Nightjar was found at the King's Project, Laem Pak Bia and approximately 200-250 White-shouldered Starlings were seen coming into the mangrove roost. Also present was a flock of 40-50 Ruff.

The above sightings from Kaeng Krachan and Laem Pak Bia were made by Nick Upton and Alex Vargas.

14/03/08 : 2 Black-faced Spoonbills and 3 Pied Avocets were still present in the Laem Pak Bia area on the 13th March - a Little Stint, 17 Painted Storks and an Oriental Skylark were also seen.

At the sand spit, Laem Pak Bia, the "White-faced Plover" was located after a long search, a Chinese Egret was seen, a dark morph Pacific Reef Egret was present and a roost of terns included 1 Caspian, 5 Lesser Crested and 17 Great Crested.

At the King's project area a possible (possible, not probable) Swinhoe's Snipe was flushed.

The above sightings from Laem Pak Bia were made by Nick Upton, Mark Tunmore & Neil Armitage. More in my Dartford Waffler blog.

12/03/08 : On the evening of 11th March a "White-faced Plover" was observed at Hat Nopparat Thara, Krabi, where 2 Pale-capped Pigeons flew in to roost on the offshore islands.

35 Christmas Island Frigatebirds and 2 females Greater Frigatebirds were reported from Ko Pida on the 10th March.

On 5th March 6 Spoon-billed Sandpipers, 4 Red-necked Phalaropes, 35 Nordmann's Greenshank, the 2 Black-faced Spoonbills and the "White-faced Plover" were all still present in the Laem Pak Bia/Pak Thale area.

The above records from Hat Nopparat Thara, Ko Pida and Laem Pak Bia/Pak Thale were submitted by Daniel Benders.

3 or 4 Black-throated Parrotbills were seen in a mixed flock along the jeep track at Km 34.5, Doi Inthanon on the 23rd February. - Robert Scanlon.

08/03/08 : The most notable sightings from Muang Boran Fishponds on the morning of the 8th were 1 Grey-headed Lapwing, 3 Oriental Skylarks engaged in a territorial dispute, 8 Purple Herons, 1 Rusty-rumped (Pallas' Grasshopper) Warbler, 38 Indian Cormorants, 69 Oriental Pratincoles, 88 Pheasant-tailed Jacanas and a male Greater Painted Snipe. Two small colonies of Asian Golden Weavers were found, with males in breeding plumage: the larger colony had at least 5-6 males and 8-9 females with a total of 11 nests in production while the smaller colony had at least 2 males and 5 females with a total of 3 nests being weaved. - Nick Upton - more sightings in my Dartford Waffler blog.

A Grey Nightjar was found at an altitiude 45 metres below the summit of Doi Inthanon, 8th March. - Stijn De Win.

07/03/08 : 2 Fire-capped Tits were observed at the small orchard, close to the campsite at Doi Inthanon on 7th March 2008. - Stijn De Win.

3 Oriental Pratincoles were seen flying over Phuttamonton Park on the morning of 7th March 2008. Also seen were 1 Greater Racket-tailed Drongo and 1 Racket-tailed Treepie. - Michael Allen.

25 Pintail, 1 Wigeon, 40 Spot-billed Duck, 1 Ruddy Shelduck, 2 Greater Sand Plovers and 1 Grey -headed Lapwing were reported from Yonok North, Chiang Saen on the 5th March 2008.

The above sightings from Chiang Saen were kindly supplied by Mick Davies and Dowroong Danlamajak.

06/03/08 : Some interesting records from a recent trip include a party of Black-headed Woodpeckers and 4 Collared Falconets at Km 13, Doi Inthanon on the 22nd February and on the 21st a Blue-fronted Redstart was seen and photographed at the summit boardwalk.

2 Grey-headed Parrotbills and a Slaty Blue Flycatcher were the highlights at Den Ya Kat, Doi Chiang Dao on the 19th.

At Doi Ang Kang on the 18th February Red-faced Liocichlas and 2 Spot-breasted Parrotbills were seen amongst other species at the Army camp at Km 19 but on the 17th some excellent birds included a female Grey-winged Blackbird, 2 Black-breasted Thrushes and a Scaly Thrush behind the restaurant in the King's Project area and a pair of White-bellied Redstarts were found on the trekkers trail behind the Km 19 Army camp as were a group of 6 Spot-winged Grosbeaks.

The Mekong at Chiang Saen was reliable for River lapwing and Long-billed Plover on the 14th and 15th of February.

3 Silver Pheasants, a female White-tailed Robin and White-hooded Babblers were the highlights of a stay at Nam Nao between the 11th and 13th February.

The above sightings from Doi Inthanon, Doi Chiang Dao, Doi Ang Kang, Chiang Saen and Nam Nao were made by John Furse.

05/03/08 : 1 Russet Bush Warbler was seen singing on Doi Pha Hom Pok on the 4th March and 2 others were heard in song. - Stijn De Win.

02/03/08 : A female Asian Emerald Cuckoo was seen at Huay Teung Tao on the 29th February.

The above sighting from Huay Teung Tao was taken from Tony Ball's Birdwatcher's Diary blog.

Some interesting records from last month include 4 "White-faced Plovers" at Thai Muang beach on the 22nd February, 1 Lemon-rumped Warbler at Doi Inthanon on the 16th, 1 Grey-sided Thrush at Doi Inthanon's summit on the 16th and 14th along with a female Orange-flanked Bush Robin on the 14th. At Doi Ang Kang, on the 12th, a female Black-breasted Thrush, 2 Scaly Thrushes, 1 Asian Stubtail and 1 Aberrant Bush Warbler were seen and on the 11th the highlights were Eurasian Woodcock and 2 Chinese Leaf Warblers. On the 10th, at Doi Chiang Dao, a Yellow-vented Warbler was seen and a Sulphur-breasted Warbler was in a mixed flock at the bottom of radar road at Khao Yai on the 5th February. - Craig Thomas.


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