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Bird Sightings (May 2008)
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25/05/08 : Some interesting records from Muang Boran Fishponds on the 24th May were 1 adult Purple Heron, 1 Stork-billed Kingfisher, c 16 Asian Golden Weavers, 80+ Pheasant-tailed Jacanas, 20+ White-browed Crakes and 1 male Watercock. Species usually regarded as winter migrants included 1 Oriental Reed Warbler, 1 Intermediate Egret and 9 Barn Swallows. Summer visitors included 10+ Black Bitterns and over 300 Oriental Pratincoles, many with young. - Nick Upton.

22/05/08 : On 20th May 5 Common Redshank and at least 14 Whiskered Terns were still to be found close to King Mongkut's University, Bang KunTien campus. A Black Bittern and a small colony of Asian Golden Weavers was also found. At least 1 Little Tern nest was found with young in it and there were 3 more probable nests. - Nick Upton.

16/05/08 : An Osprey was seen carrying prey over Rama 2 Road in Samut Songkram on 15th May and 1 imm/first year Black-faced Spoonbill was seen at Laem Pak Bia on 13th. - Stijn De Win.

On 6th May a male Blue-and-white Flycatcher was present at Khao Chong Waterfall Forest Park. Also seen was a Chestnut-capped Thrush and a very late Asian Brown Flycatcher.

An Indian Pond Heron was seen on the beach near Trang Aquarium along with a few shorebirds including Eurasian Curlew, Whimbrel and Lesser Sand Plover on the 5th May.

The above sightings were taken from Ike Suriwong's Birds of Phuket blog.

14/05/08 : Although birding was slow at Kaeng Krachan on 8th & 9th May some good birds were found: 2 Black-and-red Broadbills, 2 Black-and-yellow Broadbills, 2 Dusky Broadbills, 1 Banded Broadbill, Several pairs of Silver-breasted Broadbills, 1 Bamboo Woodpecker, 2 Stork-billed Kingfishers, 1 Mountain Hawk Eagle, 1 Black Eagle, 3 Orange-breasted Trogons and a group of about 10 Tickell's Brown Hornbills. A few late migrants included 3 Fork-tailed Swifts, small numbers of Barn Swallow and several Chinese Pond Herons.

On 10th May an Indian Pond Heron was found at Tung Bang Jak where good numbers of Streaked and Asian Golden Weavers were nesting. A Black Bittern was seen and late winter migrants included 17 Barn Swallows, 1 Chinese Pond Heron, 7 Whiskered Terns and 3 Oriental Reed Warblers.

11th May produced very few birds at Khao Yai due to rain. Migrant species included 2 Chinese Pond Herons, 2 Brown Shrikes, 1 Japanese Sparrowhawk and 7 Barn Swallows. Mammals included 3 Asian Elephants and 2 Dholes.

The above sightings from Kaeng Krachan, Tung Bang Jak and Khao Yai were made by Nick Upton.

02/05/08 : 1 male and 2 female Pink-necked Green Pigeons were the highlight of a short visit to Suan Luang on 1st May. The only migrant species seen was a single Barn Swallow. - Nick Upton.

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